What to expect?

IEEE Section Chapter symposium is a platform for IEEE R10 Sections and Technical Society chapters to network, engage and collaborate. It is one of its kind of opportunities to learn the best chapter management strategies from the outstanding society chapters and learning through the experiences of outstanding chapter officers. The event will discuss and deliberate on best practices for Society chapter management and how sections can collaborate and support their chapters.

Major Takeaways

Chapters will be able to establish and maintain a communication channel with other Section Chapter coordinators. It will help in promoting and assisting major Chapter events and TCS conferences in R10 sections.

This programme will be a unique platform for promoting and encouraging inter and intra Section, subsection, chapter collaboration

Society Chapters get exposure to Best practises happening in other section society chapters

Sections get exposure to work closely with Society chapters and discuss collaborative models being undertaken at their home sections

Society chapters get an exposure to participate and organise sessions in International programs with other section chapters.

Societies may find it interesting and support their constituent chapters across IEEE Region 10

Sessions for best practices by MGA, Societies, chapters, and student branch chapters.