IEEE Region 10, also known as the Asia-Pacific Region, is one of the geographic regions defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Within IEEE Region 10, there are various sections, and each section has Several Subsections and IEEE Technical Society chapters. The IEEE Region 10 Section Chapter Committee plays a crucial role in facilitating the activities and operations of these Subunits.

Here are some of the key responsibilities and functions of the IEEE Region 10 Section Chapter Committee:

  • Chapter Support: The committee provides support to individual chapters within the region. This support may include guidance on organizing events, technical activities, and administrative matters.
  • Coordination: It facilitates communication and coordination among different chapters in the region. This ensures that chapters can share resources, best practices, and collaborate on regional initiatives.
  • Training and Development: The committee may organize training sessions, workshops, and other activities to enhance the skills and knowledge of chapter leaders and members. This helps chapters to operate more effectively and contribute meaningfully to the IEEE community.
  • Event Promotion: The committee may assist chapters in promoting their events and activities. This can include providing resources for marketing, connecting chapters with potential speakers, and helping to increase the visibility of chapter events within the region.
  • Membership Growth: The committee may work towards increasing IEEE membership within the region by developing strategies to attract new members and retain existing ones. This could involve outreach programs and membership campaigns.
  • Regional Initiatives: The committee may be involved in planning and executing region-wide initiatives, such as conferences, workshops, and special projects that benefit multiple chapters.
  • Compliance: Ensuring that chapters within the region adhere to IEEE policies and guidelines. This includes helping chapters with administrative and reporting requirements.
  • Networking: Facilitating networking opportunities for chapter leaders and members within the region. This helps in building a strong professional community and fostering collaboration among IEEE members.

In summary, the IEEE Region 10 Section Chapter Committee serves as a support and coordination body, working to strengthen individual chapters and promote a cohesive and vibrant IEEE community within the Asia-Pacific region. The specific activities and focus areas may vary, but the overarching goal is to enhance the IEEE experience for members within the region.

Our Committee

Amit Kumar


Supavadee Aramvith


Kojiro Nishimiya


Abhishek Appaji


Zuhaina Zakaria


Vamsi Krishna


Eddie Fong


Takako Hashimoto


Deepak Mathur


Vageesh G N